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Spiritual Accompaniment for Today

Date: September 2017

Spiritual Accompaniment for Today

Stephen de Brett & Fiona Strodder

Course consultant Professor Brian Thorne 



 A Diploma Course in Spiritual Accompaniment to run from September 2017 – July 2018 at the Norwich Centre and Ringsfield Hall, near Beccles, Suffolk. Spiritual accompaniment can be described as the art of providing the optimum conditions and personal qualities for the deepest form of spiritual exploration with another person, whatever form their spirituality takes. The purpose of this course is to explore those conditions and qualities, and how they can be learned.

At a time when many people are feeling ‘lost’ or disconnected from a sense of meaning or purpose in life there are those who, without being fixed in one tradition,  know themselves to be on a ‘spiritual path’. Equally, there are many who are struggling with membership of Institutional Churches, - feeling alienated or constrained by doctrine or dogma. We offer a training approach to Spiritual Accompaniment which is  both ‘interspiritual’ and ‘integrated’, underpinned by the Person Centred Approach, and informed by  teachings from  major traditional faiths and philosophies from both East and West, - an approach which represents a preparedness to ‘meet’ in that rich place where both differences and commonalities of  belief can be allowed and embraced. 

 An important facet of our approach is the recognition of the spiritual nourishment that is all around and available to everyone, if they can open to the wisdom and mystery of the Earth and of Life itself.  We will explore our deep connection to earth and nature in the quest to manifest what poet, David Whyte calls: ‘the truth at the centre of the image you were born with’. 

 This course may appeal to people from a diverse range of backgrounds and faith traditions or spiritualities. 

Please download the course brochure for further information and details of how to apply.


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