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Poster Presentation BACP Research Conference 2019 Date & Time: 17th May 2019, 10 am Location: Belfast Lecturer: Rhianna Broadway Richard Doyle Nellie Ford Caroline Kitcatt
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I like to be heardA person-centred retrospective comparison of the effectiveness of counselling in adult clients using PSYCHLOPS data 

Rhianna Broadway, Dr Richard Doyle, Nellie Ford, Dr Caroline Kitcatt 


  BACP Research Conference, 17-18 May 2019


In 1980, Carl Rogers, founder on the person-centred approach wrote in 'A Way of Being':

'I like to be heard...........When I have been listened to and when I have been heard,  I am able to reperceive my world in a new way and go on. It is astonishing how elements that seem insoluble become soluble when someone listens, how confusions that seem irremediable turn to relatively clear flowing streams when one is heard.'

We are delighted to be giving a poster presentation at the BACP Research Conference in May

When we were looking at ways of evaluating our counselling services, it was essential to find a way to do this that enabled the voices of our clients to be heard. PSYCHLOPS enables this to happen. PSYCHLOPS is a measure developed by primary health care professionals and therapists working at King's College London and we are grateful for their support. Clients are invited to describe their issues in their own words, and they assess the severity of these issues for themselves.  We are grateful to all our clients who have agreed to participate in this over the past 10 years, and to our counsellors, admin team and everyone at the Centre. 

We also thank the members of the research team for all their hard work on this project.

You can download further information about this study here



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