Counselling Services

The Norwich Centre offers counselling, workshops and training courses. Counsellors working at the centre are all qualified to Diploma level, or are in training on a Diploma course.

Workshops & Courses

We offer a number of courses and workshops including counselling training from Introduction to Diploma level and Continuing Professional Development for counsellors.

Business Services

Norwich Centre Projects is committed to promoting the emotional, mental and spiritual health of people within organisations by the provision of professional counselling services.

Individual spiritual accompaniment

Spiritual accompaniment, as offered in the person-centred tradition, is non-dogmatic in its underpinning and aims to help clarify, deepen and extend an individual's own spiritual experience and exploration.

As such it can be an invaluable resource both for those who are at the outset of their spiritual journeys and for those whose lives have long since been dedicated to the spiritual path.

Persons currently availing themselves of this form of accompaniment include clergy, members of religious orders and lay persons from Christian, Buddhist and humanist backgrounds.

Unlike professional counselling, spiritual accompaniment does not attract a specific fee but it is expected that those seeking such companionship will make an appropriate donation to support the charitable work of the Norwich Centre.

Individual spiritual accompaniment is offered by Dr Caroline Kitcatt . Please note that we do not currently have any available spaces but you are welcome to leave your name and contact information and we will conatct you if this changes. 

Caroline Kitcatt is a former co-facilitator of the Diploma in Spiritual Accompaniment and says: "My approach to spiritual companionship is underpinned by the philosophy of the person-centred approach. I have experience of being a companion to seekers from the Christian tradition and also to those who wrestle with that. I have an interest in being alongside those who locate themselves outside or on the edges of faith traditions, and I have a particular concern for the needs of women.  I feel an affinity with the metaphor of the dance, of homemaking and dwelling, and I place myself with my roots in the Christian tradition, whilst feeling more connected to the deep universal which is beyond tradition. I have a particular interest in the use of images as a means of exploring, connecting with and trying to express the inexpressible. I recently attended Awakening the Creative Spirit, in the United States, which is training for spiritual directors in the expressive arts.  I will be incorporating this into my work as a trainer and spiritual companion.  I am also, of course, a professional person-centred counsellor, and I see that as a separate but occasionally overlapping role."

If you would like to discuss this please email us or call us on 01603 617709.