Counselling Services

The Norwich Centre offers counselling, workshops and training courses. Counsellors working at the centre are all qualified to Diploma level, or are in training on a Diploma course.

Workshops & Courses

We offer a number of courses and workshops including counselling training from Introduction to Diploma level and Continuing Professional Development for counsellors.

Business Services

Norwich Centre Projects is committed to promoting the emotional, mental and spiritual health of people within organisations by the provision of professional counselling services.

In line with the philosophy of the person-centred approach, and the aims and objectives of the Norwich Centre & Norwich Centre Projects Ltd, we believe that we have a responsibility towards both humankind and our planet to ensure the quality of our relationship with the world and our way of being in the world.   

Writing in ‘A Way of Being’ in 1980[1], Rogers outlined the qualities of the person of tomorrow, (Rogers, 1980, p350-352) including ‘Attitude towards nature.  They feel a closeness to and a caring for elemental nature.  They are ecologically minded, and they get their pleasure from an alliance with the forces of nature, rather than in the conquest of nature’.  

We believe that some activities conflict with our aims, objectives and core philosophy and that companies and organisations involved with, or with a poor record in these areas should be avoided.  

The direct environmental impact of the Norwich Centre and Norwich Centre Projects’ operations arises from our use of: resources, energy, transport, our choice of products and services, and our disposal of waste.  In deciding what to purchase, how to operate and where to invest, we will take the above into consideration.  We will aim to make ethical decisions and to reduce our impact on the environment. We will be mindful of the need to balance this with the duty to maximise the funds available for the charitable work of the Norwich Centre. 

In practical terms this means we will support organisations which are committed to making positive contributions to society and the environment: 

Further reading - see Tudor, L E, Keemar, K, Tudor, K, Valentine, J and Worrall, M (2004) ‘The Person-Centred Approach A Contemporary Introduction’ New York: Palgrave MacMillan

[1] Rogers, C R (1980) A way of Being.  New York: Houghton Mifflin