Counselling Services

The Norwich Centre offers counselling, workshops and training courses. Counsellors working at the centre are all qualified to Diploma level, or are in training on a Diploma course.

Workshops & Courses

We offer a number of courses and workshops including counselling training from Introduction to Diploma level and Continuing Professional Development for counsellors.

Business Services

Norwich Centre Projects is committed to promoting the emotional, mental and spiritual health of people within organisations by the provision of professional counselling services.

The tutors at the Norwich Centre

Dr Caroline Kitcatt

Caroline is a person-centred counsellor, trainer and supervisor. She has taught on counselling courses since 1998, including seven years as a core tutor on the UEA Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling. She was the Course Director on that course for two years. She is the Centre Director of the Norwich Centre for Personal and Professional Development and the Managing Director of Norwich Centre Projects Ltd which delivers counselling and training in the workplace. She completed her doctorate ‘Dancing Barefoot: An exploration of women’s experience of the spiritual accompaniment/direction relationship’ in 2010.  


Aidan Abernethy and Josephine Russell
Aidan and Josephine have both worked as counsellors for a number of years and are delighted to have the opportunity to offer this person-centred training course at the Norwich Centre. Both are experienced trainers and supervisors who have delivered training in counselling in various contexts including the education and commercial sectors. They are committed to working as closely as possible to the core principles of the person-centred approach, focusing on the quality of authentic presence and relationship. Aidan is especially interested in the potential for counselling and self-development to become vibrant and creative encounters with both oneself and others. Josephine’s interest lies in the application of the person-centred approach beyond the counselling room.
Cathy Burton

Cathy is an accredited person-centred counsellor, supervisor and group facilitator with experience working both within organisations and in private practice. As a counselling trainer, she has worked with introductory level courses through to the professional training at Diploma level. Several years ago, she completed a Masters in Counselling and continues to engage with interest in the development of person-centred theory and practice.  She is passionate about this approach and has a particular interest in the process of ongoing self-awareness and personal development for the practitioner, as well as the experience of group work, in particular the training group.  She is also interested in the area of sexuality and gender within the context of the therapeutic relationship, as experienced from both client and practitioner perspectives.


Sheena McKean

Sheena has an MA in Counselling from UEA and has taught on counselling courses at the Centre for several years  at Introduction and Certificate level.  She is currently a member of the core tutor team on our Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling